Birthday:  July 10

Home:  Las Vegas, Nevada

From:  Atlanta, GA

Instrument: Vocals, Guitar


  • Tony Harnell

  • STYX

  • Kansas

Favorite Artists:

  • STYX

  • Kansas

  • Loverboy

  • Scorpions

  • Bon Jovi

  • The Commodores



 Hobbies & Interests:

  • Astronomy

  • Hiking/Camping

  • Raising Goats

  • Science Fiction
    Books and Movies

David Lee Williams has been performing live around the US for over 25 years, and is as well known for his solo acoustic guitar/vocal performances as he is for his work with a variety of original, cover, and tribute bands.  His experience includes fronting the bands Alpha Stryke, Rayze, Badd Manners, Lost Dogs, and Mr. Scary, to name just a few.  He has also performed on stage with big-name acts such as REO Speedwagon, Saigon Kick, Heaven, and Caroline Aiken.

David has written over 100 songs and has released several albums of music over the years.  His unique talent is a moving demonstration of self-expression, communicating passion, and emotion through an imaginative combination of riveting words and meaningful music.  His composition and performance are both rare and compelling.

Aside from Burn Unit, David also performs with his B.U. bandmates, Kelly and Rich in the Las Vegas-based U2 tribute, U2LV.



Birthday:  August 12

Home:  Las Vegas, Nevada

via Phoenix, New Orleans, and
Huntington Beach.

From:  Detroit, Michigan

Instrument:  Bass Guitar


  • John Entwistle

  • John Paul Jones

  • Geddy Lee

  • Victor Wooten

Favorite Artists:

  • Led Zeppelin

  • Rush

  • Boston

  • Styx

  • Journey

  • Kansas


  • Fender Basses

  • Ampeg Amplification

Hobbies & Interests:

  • Harley Davidson Motorcycles

  • Traveling

  • Music

  • Love dogs, but have
    two cats – “I can’t get a dog to
    poop in the box.”


  • New Orleans Saints

Roger had quite a mixed bag of musical influences while growing up in Detroit during the 60’s and 70’s, ranging from Ted Nugent to Smokey Robinson. Musicians in the Detroit area were often rotating in and out of bands fronted by the likes of Nugent, Bob Seger, Alice Cooper (then Vincent Fournier), and many others.  Roger thrived in that scene, and learned a lot about the business side of music as well as how to survive on the road at a very early age.

Not too long before that, Roger experienced the defining moment of witnessing Led Zeppelin in concert.  “I almost lost my mind,” Roger says. “I knew I had to play music from that moment on.”  It didn’t take long for him to learn how to handle a bass, and within a few years, he was performing in a variety of bands playing rock and roll, R&B, and funk in clubs from Detroit to Miami and everywhere in between.

The disco era of the mid/late 70’s came at the right time for Roger, as earning a living and raising a family became priority for the next couple decades. That didn’t, however, stop the family from enjoying a variety of places to call home. They moved from Detroit to Phoenix in the late 70’s, went further west to Huntington Beach after a few years, and back eastward to New Orleans in ‘89 before settling in Las Vegas in 1993.

Roger feels fortunate to have had opportunities over the years to stay involved in playing music and have played with many very talented musicians.  Now, with his daughter and two sons grown up and leading successful lives of their own, Roger continues to perform music with Burn Unit and can never wait to get out on any stage with the intent of putting on a great, highly professional, yet extremely fun performance.



Birthday:  August 14

From/Current:  St. George, Utah

Instruments:  Guitar, Vocals


  • Dean DeLeo

  • John Frusciante

  • The Edge

  • Johnny Greenwood

  • Eddie Van Halen

  • Jimmy Page

  • Slash

  • Mike Einzinger

  • Tom Morello

  • Matt Bellamy

  • Rivers Cuomo

  • Robben Ford

Favorite Artists:

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers

  • U2

  • Stone Temple Pilots

  • Soundgarden

  • Radiohead

  • Weezer

  • Big Wreck

  • Collective Soul

  • Foo Fighters

  • Cake

  • Jet

  • MuteMath

  • Jane’s Addiction

  • Muse

  • 3EB



  • Gibson Historic Les Pauls

  • Various Strats and Tele’s

  • Kingsley Pedals

  • Vox, 65amps, Carvin, and
       Carol-Ann Amplification

Hobbies & Interests:

  • Off-roading

  • Firearms shooting

  • PC gaming

  • Basketball


  • Utah Jazz

Rich got an early start with music when he was young through piano and trumpet, and gradually moved onto other instruments including drums, guitar, and bass.  He spends long hours tinkering with gear, hardware, and pedals in search of elusive tones.  His influences hail from a newer era than the rest of the band, although he does enjoy performing the classics.  He played drums in various Jazz bands and guitar in other projects through the years, and loves being a part of the best cover band around, Burn Unit!



Birthday:  September 10

From/Currently:  Henderson, Nevada

Instrument: Drums, Vocals


  • Neil Peart

  • John Bonhham

  • Rod Morgenstein

  • Jerry Mercer

  • Phil Ehart

  • Chester Thompson

  • Tommy Aldridge

  • Scott Rockenfield

  • Alan White

  • Alex Van Halen

  • Eddie Van Halen

  • David Gilmour


  • Tama Drums

  • Remo and Evans Heads

  • Vater Sticks

  • Zildjian Cymbals

  • Gibraltar and DW hardware

  • SKB cases

Favorite Artists:

  • Van Halen

  • Rush

  • Led Zeppelin

  • Queensryche

  • Aerosmith

  • U2

  • Alter Bridge

  • Pink Floyd

Hobbies, Interests:

  • Mortorcycles

  • Off Roading (ATV and or Motorcycles)

  • Movies

  • Concerts

  • Travel

  • Dogs (Have a very spoiled Golden Retriever)


  • Los Angeles Rams

The only member of the band to actually be born in Southern Nevada, Kelly began playing the drums around the sixth grade when he acquired his first snare drum and began playing percussion in the school band. Initially pushed into piano lessons at an early age, his parents recognized the much stronger desire to play drums and bought him his first drum set.  That obsession for drumming led Kelly to play and practice constantly, with his dreams of performing and making music not allowing him to let up.

Kelly studied percussion and music theory throughout high school and college while playing with friends and forming bands to perform with.  Eventually he moved to Southern California and began playing in various clubs around the San Diego area as well as the Del Mar Fair. He also landed a gig in one of the original house bands at Sea World for their Summer Nights program.

Kelly moved back to Las Vegas and began playing in a growing music scene that had him performing in the hottest clubs in town, including Paradise Alley, The Main Gate, Club Rock, and the infamous Calamity Jane’s, just to name a few.

His early schooling in piano and his studies in music theory came to good use when his interest in playing guitar began to grow, and his rhythmic abilities caused him to excel on not just the guitar, but playing bass as well…  forming him into an exceptionally well-rounded musician.  He has played rhythm and lead guitar in several bands, and currently plays bass in the U2 tribute band U2LV, along with his Burn Unit bandmates, David and Rich.

Once bitter adversaries in the Las Vegas convention industry, Kelly formed an unlikely alliance and strong friendship with Roger Stevenson when a bass player was needed for Burn Unit in it’s early development. Up to that point, they were not even aware of each others musical ambitions!  What resulted was a rock-solid foundation for the current lineup to grow on… the most important ingredient for a great rock and roll band.



Birthday:  January 11

Home:  Las Vegas, Nevada

From:  Hollywood, California

Instrument: Guitar


  • Michael Schenker

  • Gary Moore

  • Jimmy Page

  • Randy Rhoads

  • Steve Vai

  • Rik Emmett

  • Ritchie Blackmore

Favorite Artists:

  • Nightwish

  • Rainbow

  • Led Zeppelin

  • Rush

  • Michael Schenker

  • Boston

  • Deep Purple

  • Scorpions

  • Doobie Brothers

  • America


  • 3 Warmoth Jaguars

  • Dean Schenker Retro Flying V

  • Heavily modified Epiphone Les Paul

  • Epiphone Flying V

  • Washburn Mercury Series Guitars

  • BOSS Effects

  • Blackstar Amplification

Hobbies & Interests:

  • Kenpo Karate

  • Bicycling

  • Basketball

  • Loves cats (has two)


  • NASCAR (Earnhardt/Austin Dillon)

  • Los Angeles Rams

Raven began studying classical and flamenco-style guitar at the age of 9, initially inspired by often seeing Charo performing on TV during the 70’s. 

He began playing with friends and joined his first band, Crystal Tears, in the late 80’s.  He later achieved a bit of national fame while performing on the UNLV band during the school’s basketball glory years of 1989 through 1991, and became a featured performer every year at the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) booth in Anaheim, California for Carvin Guitars throughout the 90’s.

In 2001, Raven finally completed his second album after years of production with legendary Dio and Black Sabbath drummer Vinny Appice, with the help of long-time Dio engineer and producer Angelo Arcuri at the mixing board.  “The Storm Project” was recorded in numerous studios in several cities in three different countries, with most of the recording taking place in Stockholm and Upsalla, Sweden.  An alternate version called The London Sessions was printed with the late Randy Williams on vocals, which was mixed down in London by former Led Zeppelin/Robert Plant engineer Benji Lefevre, after a spontaneous studio session was arranged for some needed fixes and overdubs.

The next couple decades saw Raven performing with many bands, including tributes to Janis Joplin, Brooks & Dunn, Ozzy Osbourne, and appropriately… Deep Purple and Rainbow. While performing with another popular Las Vegas cover band during most of 2016 and ’17, Raven developed a friendship with then co-guitarist, Kelly Clove.  

 After sitting in a few times with Burn Unit, the need for a new guitarist arose and Raven joined permanently in 2017.